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Definitions of Our Stars

Rising Stars

This category is to honor those that have a small sphere of influence, but go out of their way to Advocate, Connect, or Empower others in that circle. 

This is a woman who is known well in her circle, she has focused on one local cause within the community, no matter what her age. 


This woman is one who is a driving force in an identified cause or project that exhibits the attributes of Advocating , Connecting or Empowering others. 

This woman could be called a"a shooting star, which is the popular name for a comet, remembering that comets usually appear once in a lifetime.

North Stars

This is a woman who has been an exceptional mentor and is powerful, steadfast, experienced, nurturing, and well-anchored

in the categories of Advocating, Connecting or Empowering others. 


Pictured left to right (front row):  Dr. Ann Eisenberg;Jody Hernandez; Emma Faye Rudkin; April Ancira; and Kimberly Lubel. Left to right (back row): Sarah Becher, SAWCC Chair; Dr. Cynthia Teniente-Matson; Laura Vaccaro; Hon. Katie Reed; Dr. Marian Sokol; Dr. Marie Parnell Thurston, Senator José Menéndez, and Hon. Yvonne Katz, Exec. Director.


Pictured left to right (front row): Ericka Prosper Nirenberg; Deborah Seabron; Megan Wise de Valdez; Trish DeBerry; Renee Flores; Katie Harvey; Hon. Pat Jasso;Left to right (back row): Dr. Yvonne Katz, SAWCC Exec. Dir.; Dr. Susan Blackwood, Gala Chair; Abigail Kampmann; Suzanne Scott; Dr. Adelina Silva; Hon. Bonnie Conner; Cecilia Herrera; Janet Holliday; Nancy May; Senator José Menéndez; Gen. Sue Turner; Sarah Becher, SAWCC Chair; Cleto Rodriguez, MC 


Pictured left to right (front row):  Gail Hathaway; Delia McLerran;  Betty Beuche; Dr. Arcelia Johnson; Sheryl Sculley and Martha Tijerina.  Left to right (back row): Sarah Becher - SAWCC Chair-Elect; Edith McAllister; Jane Macon; Gen. Angie Salinas; Hon. Leticia Van de Putte; Rosemary Kowalski; Adam Caskey, MC and Dr. Yvonne Katz, SAWCC Chair.


Pictured left to right (front row):  Paula Gold-Williams - Comet; Dale Eastman - Comet; Angelica Docog - Comet; LeAnne Berreth - Rising Star; and Hannah Beck - Rising Star.  Left to right (back row): Sondra Grohman - Comet, Sheriff Susan Pamerleau - Comet; Bonnie Prosser Elder - Comet; Dr. Sonia Saldivar-Hull - Comet; Mayor Emeritus Lila Cockrell - North Star; and Mayor Ivy Taylor - North Star.


Pictured left to right:  Keely Petty - Meteor; Dr. Mary Helen Vera - Meteor; Dayla Sarai Pepi, J.D. - Comet; Leslie Hyman - Comet; Dr. Maria Hernandez-Ferrier - North Star; Pamela Taylor - Comet; Patricia Castillo - Meteor; Paula Owen - Comet; and Patricia Smothers - North Star.  Additional Honorees not pictured - Rose Gonzalez Perez, Elaine Mendoza, Hon. Ruth Jones McClendon, Dr. Rajam Ramamurthy, and Dr. Harriett Romo.


Pictured left to right:  Kat Price - Meteor; Sylvia Rodriguez - North Star; Jackie Gorman - Meteor; Annette Rodriguez - Rising Star; Dr. Adena Williams Loston - Comet; Maria Wellisch - North Star; Dahna Hull - Rising Star; Jelynne LeBlanc-Burley - Meteor; Sonia Rodriguez - Rising Star; Yolanda Valenzuela - Meteor; Dr. Jackie Claunch - Comet; and Sylvia Cardona - Rising Star. 


Pictured left to right:  Dr. Martha Lundell - Meteor; Chris Alderete - North Star; Dr. Betty Merchant - North Star; Dr. Raquel Marquez - Comet; Madeline Slay - Rising Star; Sonya Medina - Rising Star; Choco Meza - Meteor; and the SAWCC President Emeritus, Ginger Purdy - Comet.

Do you have a STAR in your life? Nominate Today! 

Deadline to nominate is Sunday, August 11, 2019.

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