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On November 9, 2019 the SAWCC Foundation, in partnership with the SAWCC, will honor women of our community who exhibit the following attributes of Advocating, Connecting, and Empowering (A.C.E.) women at our Annual Constellation of Stars Awards Gala being held at Valero's headquarters in The Vista.  These attributes can be distinguished as follows:
  • Advocate…for women’s issues in the work place (locally, state wide, or nationally) with key decision makers. Women’s issues may include, but are not limited to children and family issues, rights to health decisions, elder care matters, etc.
  • Connect…women with others who can provide assistance in professional and personal matters so that success can come to fruition.
  • Empower…women, men, and children to accomplish their immediate and long term goals with additional new skills and resources.

Please note that the Constellation of Stars Awards honors outstanding women at various stages of their lives from “up and comers” to “seasoned” women in the community.  They will be awarded in the following categories: 

Rising Star

  •       Has a small sphere of influence, but goes the extra mile to A.C.E. for others in that circle
  •        Might be known only among those in her immediate world
  •        Identifies with only one cause and only locally
  •       Age is not a determining factor


  •       Steps outside her immediate circle of influence, she takes her passion to the streets!
  •       Has a medium sphere of influence
  •      Is known in several organizations and circles, possibly at the County, State, and/or National level
  •       Has received some recognition/awards
  •       Exhibits the attributes of A.C.E.

 North Star

  •     Has the largest sphere of influence
  •     Has an exceptional mentor with a prominent history of A.C.E. in a very big, public, and personal way
  •     Is powerful, steadfast, experienced, nurturing, well-anchored, and often well known in the community
  •     Is known in several organizations and circles, possibly at the County, State, National level and/or Internationally
  •      Has already received recognition and awards

The Foundation asks you to identify and nominate worthy women in your organization, business and/or community for one of these prestigious awards.  In addition, we ask that you share this information with others in your organization, business and networking circles so that women leaders and future leaders can be identified and honored.


You may access the nomination form by clicking on the button below beginning July 8.  All nominations must be sent electronically using this form.  Handwritten forms will not be accepted Please read the nomination materials carefully, as the Nomination Letter is extremely important in order for your nominee to be considered.  It is recommended that you print and/or review the Writing Guidelines.   Materials must be completed and received at the SAWCC Foundation office NO LATER THAN AUGUST 11, 2019, 11:45p.m. in order for your nominee to be considered.

The mission of the SAWCC Foundation is to mentor and empower women and girls, in addition to promoting their economic and leadership development.  In conjunction with the SAWCC, the Foundation strives to Advocate, Connect, and Empower women through our NEW Scholarship and Mentorship Programs and SAWCC's Bloomberg Business Program, Transformational Leadership Development Series, POWERhour! Luncheons, Smart Women Series, Networking Luncheons and evening Mixers.

We look forward to reading about your Star that has these similar goals in mind!

We have had 7 years of honoring women in our San Antonio community.   View past Honorees.



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